Meet Your Next Teacher: Rodney Yee

Learn how teacher Rodney Yee uses pranayama to quiet the mind.


Rodney Yee would like you to stop, sit or lie down, listen, and feel. The iconic yoga teacher—who pioneered accessible asana practices through the creation of instructional DVDs—has become an ardent advocate of restorative yoga, body-scan meditation, and pranayama. To Yee, pranayama refers to techniques that help you relax and return to your natural, easy way of breathing. In the following pages, learn more about his approach, then practice an exclusive restorative sequence designed to help you relax, open up your diaphragm, and prepare to welcome prana—your essential life force. This calming sequence offers a taste of Yee’s new Yoga Journal Master Class workshop on beginning a pranayama practice, launching next month.

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Rodney Yee’s Restorative Yoga Sequence to Prepare for Pranayama