Natasha Rizopoulos’s Sequencing Principles for Arm Balances

It’s all about progression with Natasha Rizopoulos’s signature method of designing a satisfying practice.


Want to master the basics of sequencing for advanced poses? Join Natasha Rizopoulos for her upcoming Master Class, Smart Sequencing for Arm Balances. In this six-week online workshop,  Natasha will teach you how to create a clear path toward an arm balance through Natasha’s kinesthetic method. Plus, you’ll access our full collection of nine Master Class workshops to inform and inspire your practice and teaching. Sign up today!

You or your students may find certain poses elusive, but dispelling the mystery through skillful sequencing is a fundamental part of teaching. “Any good sequence is like a good story: It follows a narrative arc, with each chapter bringing you closer to the conclusion or goal of your peak pose. When done thoughtfully and well, it enables students to leave class feeling balanced energetically, intellectually, and physically,” says Natasha Rizopoulos, founder of Align Your Flow Yoga, a senior teacher at Down Under Yoga in Boston, and Yoga Journal’s Master Class teacher.

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