Tag someone who wants to learn how to do a proper handstand! Handstand tips by …

Tag someone who wants to learn how to do a proper handstand! ?
Handstand tips by the one and only @docjenfit ?
Here are her opinions:
? MYTH 1 – Kicking Against a Wall ?
Though a great place to learn a handstand (and I highly encourage people to learn here), I very much discourage kicking into a wall when you’re first starting and as regular practice for building strength for holds and/or handstand push-ups. .
If you don’t know where your handstand alignment is in space, you’re sure not going to find it throwing your legs over your head.
❌ Kicking back to wall encourages: .
? Arch in your back (poor alignment)
? Weak scapular stability .
? Increased load into the wrist
? Zero body awareness for center of mass over the base of support (too far forward) .
? Closed shoulder angle (limited shoulder flexion full range of motion) .
? Increased back extensor muscle tension (poor core stability) .
✅ Walking feet up the wall encourages:
❇️ Core engagement (abdominals activated/glutes tight)
❇️ Neutral spine alignment (slight posterior pelvic tilt bias) .
❇️ Full shoulder flexion range of motion
❇️ Scapular stability (increased control)
❇️ Pressure through entire hand and fingers to prevent falling over (decrease load into wrists) .
❇️ Increase body awareness inverted (center of mass over base of support) .
❇️ Builds overall control and support for longer handstands and increased muscular control

In the last video, I show the progression to walking the feet up the wall. YES, it is harder and scarier. But how do you expect to hold a handstand on your own with no comfort of a wall to catch you unless you test the limits a bit?! Don’t believe me? Keep doing back to wall and tell me how long it takes you to hold a solid handstand ?
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